flour is kept in the pantry

There are many reasons to love fall. It marks the gap between the warmest and coldest months of the year – it’s the happy medium of seasons! Many people partake in “spring cleaning” where they completely gut out their closets and dressers to get rid of anything they no longer wear or need. But what if we started a new trend for fall where we clean out and refill our pantries with in-season items? Not only would this benefit the house, but if you shop from the local farmer’s market, it will benefit them too!

There are several different items one should ensure they have in their pantry for the fall months leading up to winter. Things like nuts, broths, canned beans, grains, pasta and even applesauce. All these items can be easily incorporated into a dish, baked good, or simply eaten on their own. It’s without a doubt many people may already have these items in their pantries year-round and that is perfectly fine. However, don’t throw them out when rotating the pantry – unless it’s outdated of course!

A seasoned pantry is sure to keep your meals tasty and the kitchen happy! A routine rotation of your pantry helps get rid of any expired food and makes room for the in-season items. Although in-season pantry items are limited, the items most used in the fall open the door for several great recipes. Broths can be stored for long periods of time when left unopened, and grains and pasta noodles are no different.

The possibilities are endless with these fall foods. Soups, baked goods, and casseroles? What isn’t there to love about fall! Aside from foods to store in your pantry during fall, check out our other blog on Squash Nutrition. It’s a great read with a scrumptious recipe!