With the sound of school bells just around the corner, it’s important to remember the role nutrition plays in preparing your children for success in school. Research shows that breakfast eaters tend to have better school attendance, score higher on tests, concentrate better, solve problems more easily and have better muscle coordination. Try these simple breakfast tips to help your kids get out the door quickly with their tummies full!

Plan Ahead on the Weekends:

Make a big batch of French toast on whole-grain bread and freeze. Take individual slices out of the freezer and microwave or toast to heat, top with fresh fruit and a touch of syrup or whipped cream.

Make extra whole-grain pancakes and freeze between sheets of waxed paper. Top with warm applesauce and cinnamon.

Place ½ cup oatmeal, 2 Tbsp. dried fruit, 2 tsp. brown sugar and a touch of cinnamon in sandwich bags. To prepare, pour contents of 1 bag into a microwave-safe bowl, stir in 1 cup water and heat for 1-2 minutes or until done. Top with milk or cream and enjoy! Try dried cranberries, apples or raisins.

Fast Food from Home:

Make quick yogurt parfaits with vanilla Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and some granola.

Create a portable “banana wrap” by rolling up a small banana in a whole-grain tortilla spread with any nut butter or low-fat cream cheese. Try different flavors of cream cheese.

Think outside of the traditional breakfast with a half a sandwich made with deli meat and cheese and a box of fruit juice.

Any whole-grain cereal with milk is always an excellent choice that is quick and easy!