Margarita Flight

I’ve been planning to start writing about my adventures as a traveling dietitian for quite some time now; in particualar, I’ve been wanting to start writing about my food adventures while covering interim dietitian accounts. For anyone who personally knows me, you know that I love travel, good food and good drinks. Although I’ve started writing several articles, I never quite knew what to feature in each article – should I point out the best salsa I’ve found, the best cocktail, or what? But tonight it all came together when I went to Rio Mambo’s in Weatherford, TX just west of Ft. Worth.

What made Rio Mambo Tex Mex y Mas restaurant stand out so much that it made me finish writing my article? It was the overall wonderful experience I had.  It started with sitting down for a margaritia and finding out they had many awesome margarita flavors to choose from and they made it super easy to try several with their margarita flight – you heard that right! They actually made a flight that lets you try four of their many wonderful margarita flavors. And if that wasn’t enough, they even let me have a taster of their jalapeño margarita since I wasn’t quite comitted to the flavor.

Here are the four margarita flight flavors I tried from left to right:

Portarita: Frozen house margarita with blackberry and blueberry infused port wine.

Attitude adjustment: Frozen house margarita, mango, sangria and a Herradura Reposado tequila topper. Reposado tequila means it has been rested in barrels from 2 months to one year, wheras as anejo tequila is rested in small barrels for one to three years.

Frozen Beach: Frozen house margarita with mango, strawberry, pineapple and lime juice.

Miami Vice: Frozen daquiri and pina colada, maybe not truly a margarita, but wonderful none-the-less.

The fifth flavor on the far right was a taster of their jalopeno margarita. It did have a kick, but not too hot for this midwesterner. I found it uniquely wonderful.

As if having all this margarita fun wasn’t enough for a dietitian that loves to dip her feet into many flavors (don’t try taking me to a church pot luck) they basically have a taco flight as well when you order their grilled taco dinner. Here you get to try three slightly-larger-than street tacos,  grilled with cheese and stuffed with your choice of meats. I chose their brisket with pablano peppers (top), their fajita chicken(bottom) and their chipotle spiced chicken (in the middle). They came with two wonderful sauces as well: the Pisala sauce (bottom right) was for the brisket and the spicy Molcajete (top right) was intended for the chicken tacos. The server informed me their Molcajete is a house favorite that guests often order with their chips and salsa. All were amazing, with the chipotle chicken being the most spicy, even without any additional sauce.

Free chips and salsa are served first, and charro beans were also served with this dinner (seen on the right). Charro beans, or cowboy beans, are hearty brown beans named after Mexican Cowboys called Charros. Their charro beans were seasoned with a bit of smokey bacon and topped with some crispy tortilla strips. There was also a bit of fresh salad and sliced fresh avocados on my plate. Everything was point on, down to the salad being a fresh dark green lettuce mix rather than the typical ice-burg lettuce.

I would definately go back to this Tex Mex y Mas (Tex Mex and More) restaurant to try another good dinner and several more margarita flavors including their texas prickly pear margarita. I hope you will too.