The Hopeful Mom: Nutrition is very important for women who are trying to get pregnant. Check out this link for some great advice on how to make your body baby-ready (there’s some info for Dads, too!). Hopeful mom nutrition here.

The Mom-to-Be: Now that you have a bun in the oven, your nutrition is of utmost importance – you aren’t just nourishing yourself, you are nourishing your baby! Eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet, taking a prenatal vitamin, and ensuring your food is safe is only the beginning – check out this link for great nutrition advice!

The Mom + Baby: Did you know that your baby can get great nutrition, as well as protection from disease, through breastfeeding? Breast milk is what experts recommend for your little one – and to give baby the best milk, you need to be eating the best food! Click here for some great advice to help you have nursing success!

The Mom + Kids: OK, so you are a busy mom who is running around all the time with the kids – the last thing you want to do is prepare home-cooked meals every day! Check out this link for some quick, dietitian-approved (and child-approved) meals for busy moms to grab at the grocery store!

The Mom + Teens: You may not be as tech-savvy as your teens, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out nutrition apps – there are thousands of apps to help you cook, shop, and eat healthy, so shop around this Mother’s day to find your favorite! Click here for a few FREE apps to get you started.

The Empty-Nest-Mom: Now that the kids are out of the house, you can really focus on your own needs. It’s a great time to see your doctor and talk to a registered dietitian to identify any specific health risks or concerns you have (heart disease, osteoporosis, etc.) and figure out how to best take care of YOU! Why not schedule a quick nutrition consultation to get started?

– By Morgan McManimon-Myers, Viterbo Dietetics Student